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Hellos and Goodbyes

I have been preparing for this day since April and it is finally here. The transition of sow4hope to 4F Media @ is complete and I am excited to welcome you to it. I hope you all will follow me to the new place where you can subscribe via email – and get a FREE Ebook! Please come by and take a look around.  My transition post is Hellos and Goodbyes

Instead of Yelling, Do This

 “Stop Yelling At Me!” is what I heard at first. It repeated. “Stop Yelling At Me!!” It almost sounded like a little kid defending itself. Perhaps that is more accurate than I realized at the time.

When Continue reading “Instead of Yelling, Do This”

When It’s Dark Inside

Last week I wrote on laughter. This week’s topic is totally different. Funny how things can change so quickly and deeply. Not funny haha like that post on laughing – but funny as in strange and unexpected. I want to tell you about Continue reading “When It’s Dark Inside”

7 Reasons Why Laughter Is More Than Just Fun (Laughter Provided)

It is no secret that laughing is good and people like it. There is that occasional sourpuss that resists or scoffs. But if properly motivated I have found that even they can laugh and enjoy it. It makes you feel good and it is fun. A favorite form Continue reading “7 Reasons Why Laughter Is More Than Just Fun (Laughter Provided)”

The Crap Sandwich

2016-04-27 13.41.02

Springtime is a beautiful season. So full of promise as new life erupts once again. Trees and flowers bloom with radiant colors. It’s the perfect time to sell your house the realtor says. Graduation and weddings are in abundance. Children anticipate summer vacation. All of these are wonderful and exciting. Tis the season of celebration and life changes.

So what’s with my title?

Continue reading “The Crap Sandwich”

The Price of Love

I was working on a post with a different topic but the bittersweetness of today begs to be shared. Continue reading “The Price of Love”

You Can Defy the ARGHHHHHH!

I wish I could say it isn’t true but frustration is a part of life. Sometimes it is mild but sometimes it can be quite intense. When did it last happen to you? How bad was it? Was it painful? Was it the kind where your head hurts, your muscles tense, your stomach turns, you want to cry, scream, cuss, or throw and break something? Continue reading “You Can Defy the ARGHHHHHH!”

Who We ARE


Recently I was reminded of a scene in a movie I saw a few months back. It really caught my attention when I first watched it. There are many things we see or hear that are cool, or we find deep at the time that we often forget. It usually takes us many times going over things to really learn or grasp them. I’ve only seen this movie the one time and yet it has really stuck with me. And so, yes, I’m bringing up a Christmas movie in April. The movie is Continue reading “Who We ARE”


When was the last time you wished for more hours in a day, days in a week, etc…feeling like there is just never enough time?

In my last two posts I talked about time and here I am doing it again. That was not the plan. Nevertheless it is my subject again.

This past week in my desire to do my best and be my best and learn and apply what I’ve learned and grow and share….. I felt pressure. I felt pressed for time. I felt hurried. I felt rushed. I felt crushed, I felt paralyzed….

In the midst of that Continue reading “STOP TRYING SO HARD – RELAX AND BREATHE”

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